Folkhealing methods and official heathcare

In Parantola modern medicine and traditional healing go hand-in-hand, respecting each others methods. People search for help especially when official health care has run out of good options or a proper diagnosis has not been found. Very often my work is to support medical treatment: to give after-treatment when difficult surgery is done or help you to recover from a period of heavy medication etc. Many people approach a folk healer when they want to take care of their health or give themselves something good: relaxation, emotional and physical detox, moment of concentration and support on important issues. Parantola is a low-threshold place to get yourself heard, touched and seen as you are.

All the treatment-sessions are documented to my customer files for later reserch on Finnish folk healing methods: why people use them and what are the conditions under what they might be beneficial as well as under what conditions it will not propably be any help. The register is only for research and it will not be used for any commercial purpose.

Ethics, hygienie and safety

All the treatments are safe and meet modern hygiene standards authorized by the Finnish Health authority Valvira. The instruments and blood-cups are sterilized in an autoclave that is regularly tested with different indicators. Wet-Cupping / Blood-Cupping therapy is safe when only sterile instruments are used and you do not have any medication of anticoagulants or serious illness that makes you too fragile to loose small amounts of blood.

Parantola is a place for wellbeing and healing – I will not sell you any commercial health products after the treatment. I will also make sure that the methods we use are the most beneficial in your situation.

Ecology and accessibility

Ecological values can be seen in all the materials in the building. Hand-cut log-walls (made by Hirsitikka) and natural materials give warmth and atmosphere – only wind-power and wood is being used for heating. In Parantola there is an easy access to visitors with disabilities. I also take into consider highly sensitive persons and their needs as well as I can. Modern dry-toilet, organic herbal soaps and recycling whenever it is possible was an automatic choice. Kuppari-Hanna is located in an ecovillage  Livonsaaren Yhteisökylä Oy.

Finnish Sauna traditions and Folk Healing Culture

I am a longtime member of  Finnish Folk Medicine Society. On January 2016 Visit Finland rewarded Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa as an authentic FinRelax experience!