Groups visits and Slow is Flow -experience

Slow-life, Sauna culture, Silence and Traditional Treatments at Folk Healer’s log-cottage.

N E W !  Pyrography – workshop

A soulful log cabin tucked into the peaceful Archipelago nature offers a beautiful setting for healing experiences. Finnish nature, traditional culture and folk healing have a lot to give to the world. Slow life, sauna, silence, whispering forests, getting back to the basics of a natural life style can deeply nourish us humans.

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Slow is Flow – experience offers you a chance to get to know Kuppari-Hanna’s inspiring Folk Art, Finnish Sauna culture and take care of your health with Traditional Treatments like Wet-cupping, Bone-setting method or Massage. After the treatments and having tasted Finnish Wild-Food we can go listen to the forests of Archipelago whispering – I will guide you to the most beautiful place on this Island. While standing on Finnish ancient rock foundations and breathing the world’s cleanest air you might catch a moment where words no longer are needed. Duration is 4-5 hours and its available all year round up to 5-6 persons.  EUR 545

If you come with a smaller group and wish to stay for shorter time:

225,-/ 2h (2-3 persons)

Traditional treatments like Bone-setting method, massage or Fish-bone method (Finnish acupuncture). Get to know Finnish Folk-healing traditions and learn what it has to give to your wellbeing. Includes organic snack & coffee/tee.


Traditional treatments with sauna for 3-5 persons. Silent Sauna-session in a wood-heated sauna & treatments of your choice ( Bone-setting method, massage, Fish-bone method or wet-cupping/blood-cupping therapy) Includes, sauna-linen, organic soaps, snack & coffee/tee.

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Premium Sauna Session at Kuppari-Hanna´s Natural Health Spa


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Premium Sauna Session at Kuppari-Hanna´s Natural Health Spa


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