Whisking & Massage Therapy

  • Sauna, whisking therapy & traditional Finnish massage therapy EUR 105/1,5h

At the moment the bookings for massage sessions only are closed. Massage and bone-setting therapy are available only with sauna sessions (EUR 70/1h). Thank you for understanding.

Testimonial by Abbie (Read the whole testimonial from Doerz):

“Hanna has hands with intuition. She is calm, practiced and understanding. Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs/wants, she will give you the treatment you deserve. Although not what most people come for, Hanna gave me a trigger point style massage as I asked and she helped release some deep psoas, oblique, glute and hip tension.

Do not skip the sauna on your visit. Take her recommendation to do a little massage first, go in the sauna and get the majority of the rest of your body work after you’ve warmed up. The sauna juniper whisk is the cherry on top. Don’t skip. Do how the Finnish do. Enjoy!”