Traditional treatments & slow life in the Archipelago

Come and experience the Finnish slow life and folk healing culture at Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa. Situated in the Finnish country-side Archipelago, a traditional log cabin with sculptures and folk-art create a timeless and warm atmosphere. The Finnish word ‘parantola’ means a place where you heal.

Help your body, mind and soul heal. Do it like we Finns do. Choose from a variety of treatments such as sauna, wet-cupping, massage, shamanic relaxing and bone-setting. In Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa modern medicine and traditional healing go hand-in-hand and all treatments meet the highest standards of hygiene. I am one of the authorized (by the Valvira-National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) wet-cupping therapists here in Finland.

On December 10th 2019, Kuppari-Hanna´s Natural Health Spa turned 15 years

It has been an incredible path of an individual person who already at your age wanted to cherish Finnish Sauna culture and Healing traditions with a tight and genuine connection to the forest. Due to the celebration I shall create a blog in English - now my stories about healing, folklore and knowledge on old medicine-men are only in Finnish. This will change during the year 2020. I feel it important to tell the world stories about our ancestral ways of living and our ways to heal our body & soul by using conscious intention and powers of our mind & nature. It does not contradict with modern medicine, which we healers here in Finland truly respect. It gives some extra emotional resources and the feeling of owning your own inner power.

What comes to me. I belong to the forest. I am not a wild-woman living in the city. I live in the remote area in the Finnish Archipelago. I hunt. I am a mother of three boys. I live free and off-grid. I have truly found my own way to live. I do not carry traditions. Traditions carry me. Welcome to visit my world.  The easiest way to book a whole package with accommodation is to contact Visit Naantali.
"Here is a selection of the very best saunas around the country" sais  Visit Finland in its Top Finnish Sauna Campaign.

This is one of the Top Saunas in Finland - Check the available times for Your Sauna session now!

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In January 2016 Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Heath Spa was recognized as an authentic FinRelax experience by VisitFinland. 

Welcome! Try to live like Finn while travelling here!