Traditional treatments & slow life in the Archipelago

Come and experience the Finnish slow life and folk healing culture at Kuppari-Hanna’s Parantola. Situated in the Finnish country-side Archipelago, a traditional log cabin with sculptures and folk-art create a timeless and warm atmosphere. The Finnish word ‘parantola’ means a place where you heal.

Help your body, mind and soul heal. Do it like we Finns do. Choose from a variety of treatments such as sauna, wet-cupping, massage and bone-setting. In Kuppari-Hanna’s Parantola modern medicine and traditional healing go hand-in-hand and all treatments meet the highest standards of hygiene. 

As a member of the Finnish Folk Medicine Society, Kuppari-Hanna’s treatments are available every year at Folk Healers’ Gathering in Kuusamo. In January 2016 Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Heath Spa was recognized as an authentic FinRelax experience by VisitFinland.