Wet cupping and Sauna therapy

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  • Wet cupping therapy  for hormonal and skin problems, both physical and emotional detox and pain release 125,-/1,5h (220,-/2 persons) incl. massage, towel, sauna-linen
  • Wet cupping therapy for back-side  only  to release chronic pain in neck and shoulders and detoxification 105,-/1h )180,-/2 persons) incl. short massage, towel, sauna-linen
    Sauna, lymphatic washing massage and bone-setting  90,-/1,5h
  • Deluxe-treatment  for a special person, 195,-/2,5h incl. Everything: wood-heated sauna, lymphatic washing massage and other treatments of your choice without forgetting organic snacks & beverages. You can also share this with a friend or a spouse. The time for the treatment will then be shared.

Watch a video about traditional wet-cupping (in Finnish)

For wet (blood) cupping therapy, please make sure you are not on any medication which affects blood coagulation or that you have no serious illnesses which for example prevents the donation of blood. If you are on blood thinners or have bleeding disorders, please consult your doctor. You are free to use a swimming suit during wet cupping therapy and in the sauna if you wish. For more info please check FAQ

All treatments are safe and meet the highest standards of hygiene. If you come with a friend or as a small group, I will arrange all the time you need. Welcome to experience this deep dive into folk healing culture and slow life.